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December 26, 2013

Not Gone and Not Forgotten

A Film Documenting CES' 1979 Battle to Prevent Displacement and Against Unjust Redevelopment in LA's Pico Union Neighborhood

by Marsha Goodman

This film documents the efforts of the Coalition for Economic Survival (CES) in 1979 to organize a neighborhood in Los Angeles’ Pico Union against the displacement of renters, homeowners and small businesses to build and expand a Pep Boys Auto Supply Store on the corner of Washington Bl. & Hoover Ave. While Pep Boys did eventually expand, CES and the residents won a significant and historic victory resulting in replacement housing built for renters and new houses provided to the homeowners all within the Pico Union neighborhood. Thus, people were not displaced from their community and, also, ended up in better housing. The film was produced by Marsha Goodman, a then UCLA film student, as a class project.

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