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July 17, 2009

CES Issues Healthy Homes Report & Recommendations
to Address Sub-Standard Housing Conditions


Healthy Homes Report & Recommendations to Address Sub-Standard Housing Conditions

The Coalition for Economic Survival (CES) conducted a two-year campaign (February 2007 – May 2009) entitled the Healthy Household Environmental Actions for Tenants (HHEAT), which was funded by The California Endowment. This effort had the dual goal of organizing tenants in high-risk housing to ensure proper eradication of health hazards in their homes without losing their housing through landlord harassment or eviction; and to generate the necessary data and develop tenant leadership to advocate for improving local systems.
CES’ HHEAT campaign produced a policy recommendation report which examines how the City and County of Los Angeles, together with the State and community-based organizations can advance the common vision of improving environmental health and housing conditions to ensure tenants safe, healthy, and affordable housing.
To read CES’ HHEAT policy report and recommendations,
click here.

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